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Weight Loss Plateau - Solving the Weight Loss Plateau

Weight Loss Plateau | Weight Plateau

When I was in the process of dropping weight, there were periods when the needle on scale did not go down. I was at a weight loss plateau. When this happened there were a few things I did to solve this weight loss obstacle and there were a few things that I did not do:

Something I Did Not Do
When I was stopped at a weight loss plateau, I got discouraged, I was definitely disappointed, but I did not quit.

Something I Did
I thought about one of my favorite quotes from Albert Einstein. His quote gave me both the inspiration and the answer to my weight loss plateau. Albert Einstein said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Therefore, if I wanted to drop more weight, and what I was currently doing was not moving me towards my goal, I needed to alter what I was doing. I refused to quit. I refused to feel sorry for myself. I just made a few changes to what I was doing, until I got the results I expected.

I did two things that worked. I increased the number and lengths of my exercise routines, and I reduced my calorie intake. These two things always worked for me.

What Causes the Weight Loss Plateau?
The amount of calories a person needs to maintain their weight reduces as their weight lowers. What worked when you are 275 pounds may not work when you are 190 pounds. Therefore, as you drop weight, you need to become more aggressive towards what you are doing.

A Mistake to Avoid
The big mistake that people make when they reach a weight plateau is to get disappointed and quit. However, this is not the time to quit. It is the get more aggressive. This is the time to finish what you started. You have proven to yourself that you can lose it. You just need to take it to the next level. Let's take it to the next level and let's finish it.

Article Written by: George Diamond (A & C Publishing)
Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved

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